HATHA YOGA CHANGED MY LIFE - Dr. Ramya Pathiraja, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.

"I am a very busy professional and before I attended classes in Hatha Yoga conducted by Nanda Siriwardene I always felt tired and was not happy. It seemed like something was always missing, but I didn’t know what," says Dr. Ramya Pathiraja, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.

"One day a good friend told me that Yoga postures and relaxation will do me a world of good and I decided to give it a try,’ says Dr Pathiraja.

"I arrived at the class and positioned my mat in a way that I would be able to have a good view of what was going on and made myself comfortable. The atmosphere in the room was very calm and peaceful and I instantaneously felt at ease. Mr. Nanda Siriwardene who is a wonderful Yoga teacher with many years of experience walked in gracefully with a loving and accepting smile. He took up his position at the front of the class and began to explain what Yoga as all about," recalls Dr. Pathiraja.

"Training Hatha Yoga under the able guidance of Mr. Nanda Siriwardene changed my life. Physically, I felt comfortable and stronger and relaxed too. Mentally I felt an inner calm and a connection with the universe. Through various practices of Yoga and diet changes, breathing and postures as well as the application of basic moral and ethical principles, I gained a greater understanding and acceptance of my life and the world around me," says Dr. Pathiraja.

"Today, I am a happier person. Life still continues to throw its challenges at me – there are ups and downs, but Hatha Yoga has certainly given me the tools to deal effectively with life," says Dr. Ramya Pathiraja.

FREE OF AILMENTS AND MORE ALERT - Shiromi Perera, High Court Judge,Kegalle

"When I came to Guru Nanda Siriwardene to learn Hatha Yoga, I was finding it difficult to even bend. I was suffering from High Blood Pressure and Diabetes. But after I began Hatha Yoga under the guidance of Guru Nanda Siriwardene I felt a remarkable improvement. I found myself mentally alert and experience much pleasantness,’ says High Court Judge of Kegalle, Shiromi Perera.

Judge Shiromi Perera also went on to say that today she is 90 per cent free of all ailments and said that Mr. Nanda Siriwardene is an exceptional guru who imparts the correct practice of Hatha Yoga.

‘I have gone for these classes for about six months and have observed that not only is Mr. Nanda Siriwardene very qualified and knowledgeable but also very devoted to Hatha Yoga.

"I will not hesitate to recommend the practice of Hatha Yoga to anyone who wants to live life to the fullest.

PROFESSIONAL SKILL, MASTERY AND PROPER GUIDANCE - Jayantha Gamage. Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police, Ranges IV.

"It is privilege for me to express my views and comments on Yoga exercises which have helped to maintain a very satisfactory physical condition. I have been practicing Yoga exercises everyday for the past five years and this practice has helped me to develop my capabilities and improve my professional attitudes," says Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Mr. Jayantha Gamage.

"Mr. Nanda Siriwardene is easily one of the more qualified instructors presenting Yoga in Sri Lanka. He conducts classes in Hatha Yoga classes very systematically and his professional manner helps one to develop skill and talent. Through his skill, mastery and knowledge Mr. Nanda Siriwardene has contributed immensely to help upgrade Yoga in Sri Lanka," says Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police

A GIFT TO MANKIND - N.R. Asoka de Silva Former Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Wayamba University

Hatha Yoga shows us how to discover for ourselves the ‘grace, case and lightness.’ It transforms our thinking. The result – radiant health and eternal bliss manifested through increased flexibility, strength, stamina, and a sound immune system,’ observes Former Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Wayamba University.

Mr. Asoka de Silva goes on to say that ‘The congenital knack of Hatha Yoga guru Shihan Nanda Siriwardene to bring the above transformation in any person is a gift to mankind."

NANDA SIRIWARDENE – A MAN UNMATCHED - Ranee Mohamed, Features Editor, The Sunday Leader

I stand out here for giving my comments about Hatha Yoga conducted by Mr. Nanda Siriwardene because I have never practiced it. But having written several articles about Mr. Nanda Siriwardene, I know his inner thinking and his physical ability in Hatha Yoga which I firmly believe is unmatched. "There are several kinds of instructors in any subject. But I see Mr. Nanda Siriwardene as the complete instructor. He has his heart in Hatha Yoga. His mental calmness, his confidence and his strong physical being are the best advertisement for Hatha Yoga.

During my interviews with him down the years, I have learnt of the dreams, mission and vision of Mr. Nanda Siriwardene. To him Hatha Yoga is not a commercial enterprise. He is truly a spiritual being who is not only the guru that I admire, but a human being I admire for his humane touch. His master ability with Yoga only makes him more popular and more sought after. He is a man that amazes me. Infact what his students say about him during the interviews has not left my mind.

There was not a single person who spoke any ill effect of the Hatha Yoga that Mr. Nanda Siriwardene has taught them. . Everyone was benefited with Hatha Yoga. Though I do not practice Hatha Yoga, I am convinced that Yoga is for all. Every person I have spoken to about Hatha Yoga spoke of the immense benefits both to the mind and body through this ancient system.

In my opinion the best bonus point in the practice of Hatha Yoga with Mr. Nanda Siriwardene is that one gets to learn the subject from an instructor who is not only qualified but also is a human being with a great understanding and a good heart. There are but a few people in life one cannot forget and to me Mr. Nanda Siriwardene is one of them – both for his master ability in Hatha Yoga and the wonderful human being that he is when he is both in and out of the Yoga class.


"I for one have been having High Blood Pressure for about four years and was under treatment with medication but it did not come to normal for sometime. I followed Hatha Yoga and saw almost an immediate reduction and was able to maintain it at a lower level.

I had cervical spondilosis and was on a collar and the two fingers on my left hand was completely numb. Then Sir gave me some special exercises. He was very concerned and under his supervision the numbness went away and I do not wear a collar now and that is a remarkable happening," says Dr. Gurusinghe.

NANDASRI HATHAYOGA INSTITUTE - Dr. Upali Marasinghe, Senior Consultant (Gyn & Obs), Teaching Hospital Colombo south, Sri lanka

As a medical specialist, who joined Nandasiri Hathagoya institute few months ago, I am pleased to state the way a new vision created in my life with regard to mind a body medicine. As a matter of fact, my whole intention in learning yoga as not to develop my muscle power and psyche, but also to see how I could help my fellow beings who has unbelievable mind-body disturbances.

I made the correct choice by joining this institute which already fulfilled my aspirations.

Teaching practical yoga is a formidable task. In the context your instructor or guru becomes key to your success.

By all means Mr. Nanda Siriwardane is a perfect guru who teaches what he preaches. His sound knowledge with a systemic practical approach to this ancient technique gave me tremendous hope in dealing with mind-body medical practice. At the same time his therapeutic tips, which are essential parts of modern life is an another area which is highlighted in the training sessions.

Anybody seeking the correct place with a perfect teacher, undisputable choice would become Nandasri Hatha yoga Institute.
I wish him and his institute every success.