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How to contact us
Our Head Office is situated at
No. 182, Dutugemunu Road,
Kohuwala, Nugegoda.
Sri Lanka.
Secretary: Ms. Lekha Siriwardena
Telephone: 94 112 810 671
Mobile: 94 777 264 034 / 94 773 048484

Email address: nandasri@sltnet.lk

Secretary International Affairs: Ms. Miulangi Lochana Siriwardena
Telephone: 94 777 14 6639

Main Practice Halls are

Alpha Institute (Top Floor)
37/1, Nawala Road,
Sri Lanka

No. 182, Dutugemunu Road,

Buddhist Conference Hall,
Baudhaloka Mawatha,  Colombo 7

Training sessions are conducted in the mornings and evenings.
There are three courses of study
1. Beginners 2. Intermediate 3. Advanced

We practice with special equipment which aid in  to achieve perfect positions

We teach Asanaas, Pranayamas,  Satkarmas, Mudras and Bandhas methodically. Patient guidance ensures that you achieve your positions at given times, according to your own personal abilities.

Special Hatha Yoga techniques are taught to weed out common disorders. Mental stress, physical weakness, diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), migraine headaches, problems of the backbone and elevated cholesterol levels are controlled and eliminated with the continued practice of Hatha Yoga.

We also offer special ayurvedic` treatment given by qualified ayurveda doctors.

We also conduct special camps in remote, beautiful areas in the country. The areas help to complement the serenity of Hatha Yoga and also strengthen the bond of all students.

This is the only way to learn the true art of Hatha Yoga. Come and feel the difference – for it is a once in a lifetime experience that you will always want to keep with you.

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